Defensive Shooting Solutions is designed for the average American who wants to learn how to shoot defensively without being intimidated by standing next to a bunch of high speed, low drag ex special forces types.

If you'd like to learn how to use your defensive firearm safely and efficiently without the intimidation factor of being the only civilian amongst a class full of former SEALS/DELTA then you've found your shooting school.

While our instructors are mostly former military and/or law enforcement our classes are full of average every day Americans just like you.

Starting Where the Indoor Ranges Stop



Being technically proficient with a weapon is good but to prevail in a real world shooting incident you're also going to need grounding in good solid tactics that will give you the edge over the bad guys.


The technique of handling a weapon is what most schools teach.  Unfortunately should you ever find yourself needing to use your firearm in self defense techniques alone will not be enough to prevail.  You also will need to understand tactics and have the correct mindset.

All the techniques and tactics in the world won't help you if you don't have the correct mind-set training.
Can you overcome the stress of being in a fight for your life and perform when you need to?  Many military and law enforcement personnel have failed dismally when faced with the elephant.  Correct mind-set training will ensure that doesn't happen to you.